Logo Design

Are you looking to freshen up the face of your business? Maybe you’re on the brink of starting your own company and in need of a unique and thoughtful logo design? Zeno Writes will work closely with you and collaborate with a Creative Designer to make a one of a kind logo catered to your vision.

Editing Services

In need of a fresh set of eyes to proofread and edit your business plan, article, college essay, or letter of interest? Zeno writes will carefully comb through your document  updating all content including both your original version with Track Changes and the finished/edited document.

How-to Guides

In need of a professionally written tutorial or  How-to Guide for a business/personal tool or application? Zeno Writes will provide a detailed outline of user friendly instructions  complete with Screenshots, Cover Page, and a Table of Contents.

Guest Blogging

Need a new Guest Blogger for your website? Zeno Writes has written for various websites providing lifestyle related content such as: Family Life, Inspiration, Healthy Living, Hair/ Beauty and Home Decor.

Ghost Writing Services

Want to write a book, bio, or poem… but at a loss for words when it’s time to put pen to paper? Zeno Writes will collaborate with you and create a written piece that captures the various complexities of the story you wish to share while creating a captivating setting for your intended audience.

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